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Abandoned Fairground Fish Lies and Speculation on Chickens...

I'm a whirlwind at the moment...

Quick recap: Highlight of work on Tuesday night was Jui-ehh!! asking me the following question in complete seriousness:

"Lizzi, do you think that chickens that lay the eggs that we eat from supermarkets such as Tescos feel the same grief that Jemima Puddleduck did?"

I literally laughed for a solid 20 minutes over that one...and we had a bizarre discussion in which a cockerel (which she couldn't spell) was renamed to 'man-hen', and we discussed the fact that bird-based meat was still called after the alive animal (ie. chicken, turkey, duck) and that other meat had a 'dead animal name' such as beef, venison, pork etc.

Peculiar childe as usual...

Got home from work Wednesday morning at 6am and was in bed by up at 4pm to go to college...

Had my lipring changed for a stud again, as I have theatre performances until Sunday, and I didn't want it getting in the way/catching the light...

College this evening was rather fun - got two really good prints done - the 'Shauny the Ripper' one, with him walking away from me up a cobbledy back lane on the barbican, and the 'Shauny in a Cherry tree', which I had to burn so that the sky was balanced...

Got to work some time around 9pm, and had a fun night of keying - was given a big box of chocolates as a prize for making an effort on the 'dress up' day a couple of weeks back...

And was fooled by Adrian the Cleaner as usual...

He lifted up a bag from the bin which was full of water and had something orangey in the bottom - I couldn't see because he was a short distance away...

He told me there was a goldfish in a bag in the bin...did I want it??

Of course, I believed him...and wanted to rescue the poor abandoned fairground fish and take it home... Fifteen minutes later of winding me up and he admitted that it was orange peel and spilt fizzy drink.


I am SUCH a gullible fool...

Anyway, I'm off to bed, as I have a show at theatre this evening as part of the Theatre-Do festival - Noise Music piece...and then work as usual.

Hooble-Toodle Doo!!


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