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Back In Black...epiphanies and exciting plans...

Says 'Vamp Girl': "It's an occasion when you can dress up in fine stuff and show off your new clothes and there's a great atmosphere. It's a good opportunity to tart around in corsetry."


Yes, I got the paper today, and, yes, I am in it looking dreadful and must stress that I'd been up almost 24 hours (after a full nightshift) when I said that quote above lol!!

It's a Black Catz goff nite tonight, and I shall be there...resplendant in the usual corsetry...and I shall get the full page article entitled 'Catz the way for goths to go beyond the pale' scanned and posted 'ere long...

*cringes again*


I realised something yesterday!

(pause for epiphany)

When I complain that I've overslept, I actually only mean that I slept a proper eight hours and therefore didn't get up by 12 lunchtime or 1pm as intended after going to bed to grab 5 hours sleep max from 7-8am onward after a full evening of theatre/college/whatever and then an eight hour shift!!.


This is *wrong*, is it not? Do I do too much??

I have no idea. I just do what I have to do.

'Overslept' today until 3:30pm (seven and a half hours sleep) and got nothing done - so am going to go in town later after about 3 hours sleep...


I was on the phone to Caligari earlier this evening, sorting out arrangements for my 30th birthday week in London amongst chatting about other stuff...

*happy grin*

I shall be going up on the train on Sunday 6th, and staying a full week with him; he's very kindly arranged for me to stay until the following will be able to catch up with you all while I'm up there during the day/evening - B-Movie, clubs, Camden/Highgate Cemetary etc etc

I'm also really looking forward to catching up on stuff at his end...and I won't need to wash my clothes against a rock in the Thames apparently lol...

I had the 'overpackers fear'...but now I know I don't have to worry... seeing as I pack a week's worth for 3 days I dread to think how I'd cope with packing for double that length of time if I had no clothes-washing facilitah!!


I'm terribly excited - really looking forward to it - want to visit *so many* places/do *so much* stuff; but MUST FOCUS on the fast-approaching theatre festival lol - we have rehearsals all Sunday afternoon - even though I'll be racing out later today to book my train ticket...wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


Work this evening : Odd, Most Odd.

Was almost late logging in, due to being on the phone...and discovered to my delight that it was a 'Cake Night'; this occurs when the boss of bosses, Peter Fenton, is especially pleased with us - this time it was a 2/3 year (not sure) anniversary of the running of the ripper MDEC.

So I ate a HUGE CHELSEA BUN...and sneaked another chocolate cornflake thing in as well while no-one was looking... Spent the entire night on Duty Obs - also spent a lot of the night saying 'Yes, that's me in the paper - haha!'

The new security guard was also telling me, whilst on lunch, that one of his daughters worked in 'optho-something' and he needed women to stand on pairs of glasses that she'd given him...

Apparently a study of how the glass is shattered, but he wanted to know how heavy I was - and whether or not I thought that women were too timid to do it...




Anywho, I brought home another large bun with a cherry on top, have a nice mug of coffee now, and really ought to go to bed.

Try not to 'oversleep'...

Don't forget, people, Black Catz tonight above Good Companions, 3 quid entry, 9:30pm to 2am...

*bounce bounce bounce*


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