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If you touched this with your bare hands, could you die?? OOH HOW EXCITING!!!

I took the night off work last night.

Got into the building at about 9:15pm and just couldn't be arsed with being there - was incredibly tired, had caught too much sun in the morning, and didn't want to spend the entire night interpreting the nation's shitty handwriting...

So I went to the Shift Manager and asked for the night off... When my boss got in she was pissed off that I'd spoken to him instead of her, so I'm due a bollocking this evening. Don't really care, have a whole lot more interesting stuff to be doing. Work is just log in, zone out anyway;)

I left at 10:15pm...WAHOOO!!!

Called in on Spikey, and spent until midnight helping repair a Marshall JCM 900 amp - he was putting in new valves, so I was calculating the figures for the multimeter...

Fun, fun fun...and I got totally engrossed in circuitboard - just what does it think? How does it work/know what to do when it's just a pile of plasticky-green, metally lumps and shiny lines??

*TRON awe moment*

Had a cup of tea and looked at my photos...had some great ideas of what to do with some of them artistically-wise...went up on the roof... Gordon might be moving in - another theatre friend of mine. Two theatre techies/sound/lighting engineers sharing the same house lol!??


Then went home and went to bed...

Got to go out at 4pm, then to the art college before work - doing contact sheets and stuff tonight - should be fun and I hope the 4:30pm committment won't make me late...


*need cup of tea*


Oh, but I DO have mercy...I simply induce pain by being too damn nice to them!!

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