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Mad Dogs and Englishmen (and myself) go out in the Midday Sun!!

Oh my!! It's 2am and I just woke up again...

Rehearsals this afternoon of the 'Noise Music' piece went well...we are revisiting part of the last Weird Cabaret show - with it slightly modified to include muezzin-style chanting from group 1 (3 groups with their own lines of 'vocal noise' which layer over each other) and a segment of random noises, for which I am making some bizarre kind of 'drilling' sound...

The basic idea is that there are so many layers of vocal tones, all different but co-ordinated, that wash over the heads of the audience... It begins and ends with a tibetan monk sort of nasal drone, and moves into soft hawaiian harmonies of 'ooo waaa oooo' before going into very weird odd words/sounds/cross-group questions...

Weird indeed. Another 'you had to be there' really, as my explanation is a bit barking on read through...

Following which, surprise surprise, we went to the pub.

No-one wanted to sit indoors in The Dolphin as it was stupidly hot and sunny, so we got a table outside Bar Rakuda, down by the fishing boats and lots of other noisy tourists at tables... I had a pint of bitter, and we sat and talked for a couple of hours about theatre, what we'd been up to and stuff...

I've not seen some of the Weird Cabaret crew since Jan/Feb...and it was nice to catch up with everyone!!

Shakira thinks I've changed a lot since last November - even February when I saw her last - not just the weight loss (which is visibly noticeable) - but in character as well... Nothing like as stressed/all-over-the-place as I was over Panto season/Xmas/New Year. That's all gone now; I'm a lot more confident, independant and generally I certainly feel a lot more 'savvy' with myself presently.

I've grown up A LOT.

I also have lots of plans and prospects and things on the go - media/theatre/schtuf... Very happy indeed.

She said that this shows, and I'm even carrying myself differently... I said it was because I had 'cool sunglasses' on and my black furry collar/cuff velvet coat...makes me feel like a media-type lol!!

We all went our separate ways at about half five and I walked home, in the afternoon sun...but even at that point I was suffering and overheated...

By the time I got home at 6pm I was so hot that I had to go and lie in my room in the dark...drink lots of cold blackcurrant juice... Fell asleep, woke with a migraine/hangover/heatstroke at ten...and have slept intermittently since then.

What am I doing today?

Laundry, sleep for a bit...then meeting up in Wetherspoons with Matrix Si and the Black Catz crew to discuss stuff...then work as usual in the evening. Grah!!

Hot and sunny, alcohol-fuelled fun fun, but back to the grind as usual;)


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