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Overheated and slightly squiffy...good idea/bad idea??

Well, no, I didn't manage to stay up and make the trip into town yesterday...

In fact, I woke up at about 5:30pm, having slept since 9am-ish, and then realised that the Black Catz nite was supposed to start at 7:30...

Cue dash upstairs, running round grabbing clothes and putting on makeup so that I could leave by 7pm...

I wore my black/silver brocade ballgown and had my hair half up in bunches again...same outfit as I wore to the Dress-Up day at work - but underneath I wore a white floor length petticoat with layers and layers of net from the knee down, and my black satin vollers corset (yes, I still need a 26" one, as it does up completely at the back with tons of room to move my upper ribcage:/)...

I'm so glad I wore undergarments with the it was SO hot in the Phoenix that I ended up removing the brocade dress and just wearing my corset, with a black lacey spanish scarf tied around my hips to hide the almost-see through bit at the top of the white net petticoat lol!!

Of course, I was a bit tipsy - and therefore a bit less conservative about taking off layers of clothes, but it still looked nice, and not like I was merely flashing my underwear hehe...

So the first drink of the day was a pint of bitter...closely followed by a couple of seriously yummy chocolate vodka mudslides... Summer tipple of choice I fear??

*grin* *licks lips*

The band we had on (Screenstar) were great, and I got a cd will probably do some kind of review in the forum...and myself, Lesley and co. perv-danced our way through everything Si played... Three women on the dancefloor...two in fishnets and miniskirts, me in victorian underwear... Brides of Dracula lol!!

Also, we were encouraging Rich to dance (the 'normal' guy from the last Black Catz)... He got the hang of it eventually, but was *rather* drunk... Shared a taxi back home at the end of the night as he lives near me; wanted to make sure he got home okay as he had to be at work early this morning and was more than slightly hammered...

As was I, after a breakfast of beer and chocolatey alcohol...I was tucked up in bed by 1am...after an utterly fantastic evening...

I'm meeting up with the crew in the pub on Monday, to discuss some kind of photoshoot/club publicity...and we're doing an interview/photoshoot on Tuesday probably; if I can be awake and in town at 10am that is, after a nightshift...

Off to theatre in an hour - when my head clears a little - lots of rehearsals to get through and not long to performance date either.

Oh, and I FOUND MY RING!!!

It was on the bathroom floor, where I've looked a hundred times...peeping out from a pile of last night's clothes!!


*need coffee*

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