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Sumer is icumen in...

Got caught eating a sticky doughnut by the Shift Manager at work last night! He walked up behind me and said "I have perfect timing!".

Of course, he was commenting on finding me eating when/where I shouldn't...but I nearly spluttered jammy filling across both monitors; one for calculating stats, one for mail volume UI screens...

In fact, I had quite a day/night-full of male attention everywhere yesterday - I don't know what I've done to deserve it, but I can't even walk to the shop in Stoke Village and avoid it at the moment - even the butcher winks and grins at me... Eep!!

I'm not really complaining *grin* (well, maybe I am about the butcher as he's hideous!) and I'm NOT boasting here at all; I'm just plain confused about why this is happening right now!!

This is all very alien to me and so far as I'm aware I've done nothing to encourage this. Granted, I am a very friendly and somewhat flirtatious person - a typical 'creative' type - but such behaviour certainly doesn't mean I'm soliciting lol!!

Just what *is* it about the onset of Summer and hormones?

Shauny, Sharon, Jui-ehh!! and I are just as bad as everyone else seems to be; the 'meanwhile' goggling we've been doing and the conversations we've been having lately would induce ashamed flagellation followed by suicide in the Pope himself, let alone a simple Myocardial Infarction...

Perhaps it's because I've lost weight; a stone and a half since Xmas; and I've regained a lot of self-assured sexiness/confidence along with the new wardrobe??

I have no idea. Ho hum.

Just as well I'm not a slapper I've been brought up nicely and am a well-behaved monogamous and moral woman, eh??




Staying up today, may as well as it's the weekend... Sunny already and I'm dressed up for going out (work clothes, but blah!):- short black pleated miniskirt, black rose-trim vest top, hair in plaits with frilly ends...the *gothic cheerleader* look hehe...

Need to go in town to get some stuff - photo paper and whatnot - and most likely source myself some cash via the cheque exchange; 13 days to Pay Day...


And I'm going to be attending the 'Goff Band Nite' at the Phoenix this evening; nothing to do with Peter Kaye - this is a 'Black Catz' event: bands are '9xDead' and 'Screenstar', with Matrix Si djing...

That was, of course, based on if I can scrape together 2 measly quid to get in...but Sharon lent me it, so now all I have to do is get pissed at home before I go;) Saw my mate Spikey on the way to work to let him know about it - popped in for a cuppa - perhaps he'll go too??

Should be a laugh and I'm bound to have a drink or three...or a bottle of red at least - I have some cheapo plonk languishing forlornly...saying 'Drink Me!' in the kitchen...

On Sunday, I have theatre rehearsals all afternoon, so mustn't be too hungover for those...

Best be off in search of alcohol coffee...

*busy weekend ahead*

ENJOY yourselves, people, and I'll catch up where I can;)



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