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Busy busy busy!!

Been behaving like a washing machine this evening...if you've developed film you'll know what I mean; DarthRoom winding, then into the other room for Dev - Agitation and clockwatching, Stop - More agitation, Fix - Shake it all about...

Got some good pics out of it by the looks of it; Shauny posing against a massive stone angel, random german tourist in the Elizabethan Gardens on the Barbican reading a travel guide on a stone bench...some decent architecture, Shauny walking away Ripper-style down a cobbledy back alley and also posing in a really gnarly cherry tree...

We had a different tutor this evening - Vanessa something... She was rather brusque, business-like, unlike Corrie - who chatters all the time...but there are 20+ of us and we had to get things done. Rather liked her actually...(its the friendly Rod-type director vs the 'FOCUS!!' Mark-type director conundrum again)

We were all done by 8:45pm. Looking forward to next week - will be doing the prints and stuff...though this course isn't like how I did it eleven or so years ago - they have a swooshy huge machine that does all the picture developing for you once you're done with the actual exposure stuff...

Almost feels like cheating:/

Rushed off to work at 9pm; spent most of the night singing 'Yoko, Jakamoto, Toto!!' with Jui-ehh!!

It's the theme song to a kids cartoon we've both started watching at 3pm-ish every day...and then I taught her the words to 'James The Cat'...which she didn't stop singing for the rest of the night...

Walked home this morning at 6am; the season has noticeably shifted now... I am no longer walking to work and home again in the dark... It's bloody daylight both times, and I'm having trouble getting to sleep in the morning/getting up again later:/

Ok, cup of tea, hang about on the net for half an hour - till I'm REALLY tired, then off to bed.

Have theatre rehearsals this evening before work - another busy day - just the way we like it:))

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