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I found a virus!!!


Now, it may sound weird to some of you, but I actually got rather industriously excited about it...even though it was a crappy 'homepage fix' one which appeared suddenly from a quizilla pop up...

Info here!!

Kerio stopped any of its arsery, then I had a bit of cranky-agitat-ey fun with Process Viewer and AVG...killed the silly thing, and now it's sorry ass is in a folder for 'examination'...

*holds up hand and admits to geek joy*

Why was I so excited??

Because I have NEVER had a virus on a PC before...even though I've been on teh interweb since 1996-ish proper - though I started off with Gopher and BBS at Liverpool Uni in 1994-1995!!

I've always been strict as hell with everything...uninstalled outlook many many moons ago, use unconventional browsers such as MYIE and Opera, evilly obsessed with LavaSoft Ad-Aware and various other programs of delight...and this comp is rather 'tight' in general...

(so this narked me somewhat)

The last virii I had were a couple of curios on a couple of Amiga disks in 1995ish which never got to eat anything anyway...

So fascinating they were that I still have the disks and, at the time, actually contemplated framing 'Byte Bandit' and 'Lamer Exterminator' to look at from day to day...

I need my head examined.

In Other News: I'm seriously flat broke till the end of the month, can't collect my film from the chemist until Friday, found out that my 'late marks' were miscalculated and I'd only been late once last week (yes, I went on the warpath) and am off to Photography class at college before work this evening...

So I ought to get to bed really. Need sleep!!



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