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Where are Mr. Neat and Mr. Tidy when you want them?

Call me odd, but there's something very satisfying about tidying - even though I hate it! The before/after effect...almost tempts me to take photos and post them, but I'd be too ashamed lol!!

Yesterday I nearly broke my back cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and upstairs halfway through doing my room and fell asleep at 11pm! I've had a good sort out through all my costumes and actually HUNG THEM UP; victorian, medieval, various ballgowns from the Liverpool Playhouse costume dept. when they last had a clearout...and a big cream wedding dress...

Also found a load of cds I'd lost in the rubble on my bedroom floor (The Damned : Phantasmagoria and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band : Gorilla amongst others) and located a short black velvet double-breasted coat with fluffy/furry collar and cuffs that I've not seen in four years which I had to stop to sew a button onto!!

Kitchen-wise - the worktops are scrubbed, the dishes are done, mugs on the mug-tree for the first time's all been tastefully rearranged...and I cooked a Szechuan stir fry in celebration - all that remains to do (ha ha) is to finish my room and hoover everywhere. Get the toast crumbs out of the floor etc etc...

Todays agenda is the living room, the downstairs hallway, after I've stood on a chair in heels to reach the bulb - which needs replacing, and tidy the other bedroom/ scrub the en-suite bathroom...I have two bathrooms lol!...oh, and finish going through the pile in my room...then more hoovering.

Why am I tidying? Flat inspection TOMMORROW : 10:20am...


Wish I could zap it all into oblivion, or resize it all somehow a la Willy Wonka and tuck it away in a corner...I was not built for manual labour!!

When that's all done I'm going out to Destinies with my friends if I begin at 1pm (sensible deadline for starting?) I should be almost ready by 7pm...then a hot bath and dress-up time...


I wish I wasn't so messy - I really love a tidy house - minimalist approach - but I have a tendency to dig through stuff and then leave piles of what I've been looking at/fiddling with wherever its landed...and I often empty a bag out on the floor, put back what I need and leave the rest languishing in a pile there.

I just can't seem to maintain the equilibrium between what I'd *like* to live in and the state of my actual living habits... I am the living personification of Mr.Messy...the 'Little Miss' version!!

Ho hum! Back to the grind...


Now, this I like:
(Goddess of the Bacchanale : Bacchia?)

Become a God or Goddess.
by zerogirl
God/Goddess ofWine
Animal Companion:Butterfly
Weak againstWater
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


Update: It's now nearly 3pm, and, while I'm making headway in the living room, if I want to go out tonight I'm thinking I'm going to have to put the inspection off till Wednesday morning instead...


Mountains of stuff to dig through, and all I want to do is go back to sleep right now...

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