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Welcome to the Weekend ;-)

'Event' says this box I am typing in. One problem there...there isn't one. Not this weekend. Not for another few months now...

I'm slightly sulky. This is the first weekend in months where I have not been almost entirely preoccupied with 'Weird Cabaret', either in rehearsing or performing. There isn't going to be another one till the 26th of October, and we're not meeting again till the 30th of this month either.

I'm going into a dramatic slump.

*hand to forehead*

Ho hum. At least this weekend I do have a busy social calendar anyway...I'm going to a birthday party in a couple of hours where I shall probably get uproariously drunk again and end up in Zero's till 4am...





There...had you going...thought I was about to get all depressive and miserable? Fact is, I'm really rather excited and can't wait for next week to catch up with me...

...I'm going to London for Mardis Gras. Going (as I did to the last Latex Ball) as a demon to the Gay Pride weekend. I'll be wearing a PVC skirt, black satin corset, fishnets, big boots, cabaret/goth makeup (lots of glitter!), fangs, pvc horns and red rubber devils wings... friends are being white feathery angels...but I'm there to be a bad influence;)

(ho ho ho!)

Anywho, I'm also really excited as the bands playing for Pride in the Park include:

SOFT CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DEAD OR ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, I'll shut up now and bombard you with the usual livejournal fare...another bloody quiz!!

(which my lovely flatmate left the link for me on the desktop)

And I must say I'm pleased with the answer I got, as I TOTALLY love that album!:))

Freaks (1987)

You were hastily assembled to meet the demands of
mismanaged label. Although sometimes dark and
depressing, and even though your good times are
often out of tune, you're a jewel and we still
love you.

Which Pulp Album Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh yes!! *giggles*

Now I'm off to check my forums...

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