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Procrastinating as usual...

Oh what a fun-filled evening yesterday was...

After my shopping spree, I got a taxi over to hawklord2112's house to play mortal_immortal... Met with tettron, mrmorgoth, tylorva and Tony, who is playing a Sidhe Knight Errant (Orlando Bloom-style *dies*)...

The session was fantastic fun - a damn good one indeed, with lots of ugly-monster-butt-kicking etc etc... Expect a full write up tommorrow in mortal_immortal. I have a lot of tidying to do and am *slightly* hungover...

mrmorgoth and tylorva dropped me into town when we finished playing 'round 11pm - and I tootled off to Zero's.

Evening Attire: Hair half up in pigtails, with black rose clips and frilly net bits on each bunch, makeup - usual eyebrow details and curl, black oriental dress with big split right up to the top of my thigh on one side, black satin corset over and black stripy socks up to the knee (skin was showing above lol!) and big black heeled buckle boots...

Got hugs and kisses from all my friends and acquaintances in there... The way I dress makes me well-known in Zero's lol!! So everywhere I go I get a kiss from at least some random person...a couple of new people recognised me from the last two Westward Bound parties, and two women in the loos said "WE SAW YOU AT WEIRD CABARET!!!!!"...

Saw Rob, Paul, Mantis, countless other people who I mostly hang out with when I'm there...two lovely Australian people...Deb and Dan, alienfox...AND.........


'Taboo' had just finished its run in the Theatre Royal (the club is behind it)...and he was out for the night with his entourage... I asked him if I could "stroke his head" (*cough*) and then rubbed his head - which had just been shaved lol!!

Oh, I LOVE innuendo at any opportunity...and Clary is the GOD of that!!

alienfox and I went round all night between the three floors, dancing in some, posing in others...and we just tarted around all night, being big drama queens until we left to go home at 3am.

Btw, poggs!! I gave alienfox a hug as requested, and he gave me one back from you...what's this? Hugs by proxy? LOL!!

Teh Foxor and I shared a taxi back...though why we did that route I have no idea, since we both live in opposite directions... But Foxy was VERY drunk indeed, and at least he got home okay lol!!

I staggered in at about half three - ate four crumpets with a mug of coffee and stuck the washing machine on for my dying project...

Just got it out of the machine now...the yucky pink/dark pink brocade has gone a fantastic silver colour, with the brocadey stitching of the pattern being black...looks amazing, and now I have to add lace and sleeves and various other modifications... WHEEEEEEE!!!!

Okay, I'd best be off - really ought to tidy today - have a flat inspection on Tuesday and the entire house looks like a warzone/junkyard/general stacked-up mess...



'Four Things' Meme pilfered from elves_uk:

Name four bad habits you have:
1. Chewing my bottom lip
2. Smoking when stressed
3. Interrupting other people's conversation excitedly...
4. Not very good at being tidy in general!!

Name four things you wish you had:
1. Enough money to get out of debt and go shopping more...
2. A big black hearse with a double coffin in the back so that I could go clubbing and not have to go home to sleep!!
3. Food in the cupboard.
4. Longer legs/flatter tummy/a bit more height.

Name four scents you love:
1. Hot Farley's Rusks.
2. Wet Concrete.
3. Baking bread.
4. The ink inside new books.

Name four things you'd never wear:
1. Anything Orange.
2. Burberry.
3. A bikini.
4. Birthday suit in public places.

Name four things you are thinking about right now:
1. Housework. Bleh!
2. Another coffee...maybe a croissant.
3. Whether or not to go out to the work party in Bongogos tonight.
4. What all my long-distance friends may be up to...

Name four things that you have done today:
1. Dreamt a very peculiar dream in which I was teaching scar_let how to play the 'cello...only his 'cello was a 3/4 size and had f-holes in the back...then we accidentally ended up sat with a string quartet in the tea rooms in Bath, and had to explain that we weren't quite up to their standard and shouldn't be there!!
2. Had a mug of coffee (want another)
3. Got my pink brocade (now silver/black) dress out of the washing machine and hung up to dry.
4. Fiddled with my lipring.

Name the last four things you have bought:
1. WKD Blue vodka.
2. Black velvet Bat mask.
3. Black and silver internet keyboard.
4. Croissants.

Name four people you would like to spend more time with:
1. LJ (and RL-LJ) Friends (abroad or otherwise).
2. My sisters.
3. My 'local' friends.
4. Myself.

Name four bands/groups most people don't know you like:
1. Kylie Minogue.
2. Miles Davis/Vince Guaraldi Trio.
3. Madonna.
4. Suede/Pulp.

Name four drinks you regularly drink:
1. Tea (Earl Grey or other such)
2. Coffee.
3. Ribena.
4. Chocolate milkshake.

Name the last four people you have kissed/been kissed by:
1. Mantis
2. Rob
3. alienfox
4. Too many last night to recount here...(just a peck, mind!)

Name four random facts about yourself:
1. I can put my eyeliner on without the aid of a mirror!
2. I'm naturally ash-blonde/mousey hair colour...
3. I'm a trained singer and do NOT require a microphone - they rather scare me lol!
4. Right now, I ought to be tidying but I'm the Queen of Procrastination!!!


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