Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Terrifying Mask!!

Been in town on something of a spending spree...


Had to ring BT this morning as I'd missed a payment whilst away and I got cut off last night...all sorted by 12 lunchtime (98 quid - ouch!)...then spent half an hour adding my best Whitby pics to

*camwhore moment*

Then I left at 12:30pm to meet Shauny and Jodi in town; off to console myself about the bill expense with some silly retail therapy...

As I was walking up to get the bus in, my mate Ralphy shouted at me; he was parked near and gave me a lift into town. Turns out his band (The DevilRiders) had a gig last night and there was a representative from Nitro there who happened to be on holiday down here and popped in for the gig... They seemed interested too...

*fingers crossed*

I only *really* went in to get hairdye...but ended up buying a new bag, a mini-photo album specifically for my Whitby prints, a string/crochet-ish cardigan-y long top, a new black/silver computer keyboard, black fabric dye (redying an old 'restoration-style' ballgown which is currently yucky dark pink brocade - experiment!!) and a FABULOUS MASK...

This mask, although I have NO IDEA where I could possibly wear it, is UTTERLY amazing... Black velvet and cord...and is a large bat shape with the two bat wings coming up and out on either side of the face...the bottom end of the wings sculpt across the cheekbones... It looks EFFING AWESOME!!!!!!!

I'm thinking (if this redying the ballgown scheme works) that I might wear it to work with lots of ostrich feathers... For why??

Next Friday, we are having a PROPER dress up day...the men have to wear dicky bows and tuxedos, the women in their best party frocks... I'm going to do a Masque outfit... Scare everybody into giving our team the prize for the best dressed by being frighteningly theatrical in corset, velvet bat mask, huge hair, black lace fan and black tattered I'll manage to sit and key all night is another matter entirely however...


Note to self: Need to reglue the lace on my fan...

Anywho, we stopped off in O'Brien's for cappuccino and a pile of sandwiches, then trawled round all the shops... Finally parted ways at Sainsburys, as I needed to do food shopping. And (whoops!), I went shopping on an empty(ish) stomach again - piles of noodles, shiitake mushrooms, croissants, crumpets... Oh dear indeed!!

Got back via Taxi at five-ish, I'm off out at 7pm to play mortal_immortal with hawklord2112, tettron, mrmorgoth and tylorva; if I can stay awake that is...I've only had 3 hours sleep today!

After which, if I'm still in the mood, I might pop out to meet alienfox in Zero's till 4am. Not sure though, have to spend ALL DAY tommorrow doing tidying...seriously needs to be done, and my latest hauls of shoppage fun are in bags all over the living room floor!!


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