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Trouble Makers!!

Met Shauny in town yesterday at 4pm...we wandered about a bit, I tried on a pair of shoes, but they were VERY small 8's and consequently no good... Went in FotoFirst, got films and a photo album to put my Whitby photos in when I get them... Met Simon, went in Boots... SHAUNY BOUGHT AN ELEPHANT!!! (yes, another one of those 2.50 - reduced from twenty quid - trunky fellows...) and then we went on up to the Art College and sat around for half-an-hour playing 'meanwhile' and telling each other "We're bloody students now dahhling, lend us 50p??"

Lesson began at 6pm and I *wish* I'd worn sensible shoes because we traipsed all over the building (playing 'meanwhile' still) and then sat in class going through lots of handouts... Saw Jodi in the darkroom...

I think Shauny and I have already been identified as the troublemakers, because we were sat there giggling and making silly comments most of the way through...whoops!!

Fiddling with the aperture control:

(wide) "On Drugs!!"
(small) "NOT ON DRUGS!!"

Our project for the next six weeks is to take photos about 'people'. I'm going to make Shauny do a gothic photoshoot with Jodi and myself hehe...

Finished up at 8pm earlier than anticipated, so met up with Jodi and went to the Voodoo Lounge for coffee/beer, naan bread, bhajis and vegetable samosas. Ian arrived and we sat and talked for a bit before I went off to work at 9:20.

Spent most of the night falling asleep again...ate a yummy chicken caesar salad from Tescos at lunch along with some expensive chocolate milk (Cafe Met - choco latte)...fell asleep some more... Everybody was drowsy last night...Dave even caused a commotion by falling off his chair in a snooze. I expect the air conditioning/filtration was a bit dry and we were being gassed from the train station lol!!

Sharon dropped me home at 6am, fell straight asleep and have just got up now. Off to the shop for provisions and cashback (need pay NOW!) and then I'm off to theatre at about 4/5pm before work. Need to catch up where I left off a few weeks ago due to that useless shift-change I did!!

Toodle Pip!!

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