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Travel Poems

Just a quick post of my two latest poems, one was written on the journey up; the other on the way back.

Proper post tommorrow...and I *promise* I'll use lj-cuts hehe!!

(I think it may be necessary for once)


Coach 'D'

And the train sped past
Avenues of trees
Cattle and copses
Fields of mud and rape
Hedges and ditches
Bodies of water.

Snarling along -

Spitting out rails from
A jawful of metal.


Fade To Grey

The sky darkened as we trundled
Reluctantly into more familiar grounds.
Overcast and sullen
Industrial bleakness
Wasteland-mundanity nearing home.

The sun's bright and overwhelming heat
Gaudy and the garish in the stark white day.
Black shiftless forms -
Night-creatures camera-caught
As if in headlight.

They have dissipated slowly;
Ashen faced and drained -
Dissolving to their respective places
With the passing storm.


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