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We're Off To See The TiddlyPeeps!!!! *bounce*


*bonks head on desk*

I'm finally done with 'medium' size suitcase, large vanity case and an overstuffed shoulder bag.

Yes, it took me this long!

In actuality, I didn't get to bed till 1pm this afternoon, after 24 hours up: Sharon and I had a blast in town, trawling round ALL the clothes shops, and I finally settled on two black front-pleated miniskirts in Etam. I LOVE ETAM!! They tell me I'm a 12!! In which case, I've dropped two sizes since Xmas (go me!)...

Got two in the end, one for a perfect fit and v. short indeed, and the other to pull down to bellybutton height and give me a bit of modesty when wearing fishnet stockings *pervy grin*. They were both half price in the sale, so 'twas justified;)

We wandered round town, eyes popping at all the lovely talent in the sun - us nightworkers, we don't get to see much of it unless we venture out in sunglasses for specially arranged oggling trips... Had a Cafe Mocha (with whipped cream on top) and a croissant in Dingles and had a fab time all round; but were both exhausted after our spree...

Slept from 2pm until 8pm, spent an *age* on the net, having jolly conversation (Pirate Pigeons and Tribble Tennis, anyone? *grins*) and procrastinating over packing... Now I'm drinking tea and running a hot bath. Got to be up early (in about 5 hours) to buy supplies and leave at 9am for the train station.

When you next hear from me I shall either be recovering from acute liver failure in the Betty Ford Clinic, or nursing aches, pains, hangover, lack of sleep and/or general exhaustion underneath my desk;)

*bounce bounce bounce*

*bounce bounce*



...tempted to pack my severed head; the lifesize, lifelike one made for a prop in 'Blood Wedding' many years ago...complete with blood stains and long blonde hair...

Oh, the fun I used to have with that at re-enactment shows in days of yore...scaring the onlookers by waving it madly and baring my fangs...(which are packed hehe...)

Just as well I don't still have the severed leg I made for Clive Barker's 'The History of The Devil' in 1995ish...lovely manly muscle structure built up over a ladies' dummy leg through innovative use of shredded/whole sanitary pads and liquid latex, then painted 'mouldy chewed flesh tone'...

Nah, that would be just *too cruel* a joke to play on the locals...

*cackles gleefully*

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