Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Oh Mr Porter!

My canines fell out, bats were my friends and landed on my left hand...and they were the only ones who could help me escape from being pursued by my family; who were a bunch of Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type degenerates who wanted to kill me...

And I almost escaped, but made it to the roof, and there was no exit but to jump...

*need coffee*

This is an atypical stress dream of mine, quite often the same locations (although randomly invented...I have an entire fictional town inside my head) and almost always losing my canines lol!! Then I panic, in dream, that I'll never be able to sport fangs again!!

I'm warped.

Yes, I'm stressing about packing for Whitby; I don't travel light...will be overloaded with clothes for all seasons, two or three pairs of shoes, a large vanity case with several 'makeup options', crimpers, hairdryer, cuddly toy...

Last time I went away for 4 days (London Gay Pride) I took enough to last a month...and fell over flouncing down the stairs at Paddington Tube Station.

*trembles with luggage fear*

It's going to be hellish on the train with no entourage to help me...

Oh, where are the handsome men willing to manhandle your belongings when you want them?


Right then, off to my sisters for a jelly and icecream party/fight! Wheeeee!!


Hoping this isn't some kind of evil portent:

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