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The witching hour is close at hand...

It's midnight and I just woke up:/ It's kind of a weird atmosphere at the moment...dark, silent, over-warm...quite I'm having a cup of tea and playing the random playlist on the comp here...

Had a fantastic idea yesterday about doing a burlesque for the next weird cabaret which involves my cello...I'll say no more cuz it would spoil it...but I must say I'm very excited by the idea and have written copious notes planning how to do it already.

Got up at 6pm yesterday and went on the comp a little...then rushed off to work at was a bit dull except for my bright green eyeshadow, which looks really cool. Bit like Dido or Sophie Ellis Bextor. Had a black pudding sandwich in the canteen at lunchtime...discussed all manners of peculiar stuff with Jui-ehh!! and got a lift home at 6am cause I was limping so ankle is still v. sore...

...stayed up watching tv when I got home...CD:UK etc. Marilyn Manson's new video was on. I must say I like his style, kind of scary vaudeville...he's a great showman and apparently quite intelligent...but his music lets the whole thing down so utterly it's a real shame (don't hate me, but I find his music weak in comparison to the spectacle he puts on)

...had a lovely Rosemary & Juniper bubble bath, washed my hair in vanilla stuff and generally played at being Ophelia for an hour with only my face sticking out of the water...then got out, dressed and went to the Cumberland Centre to have them take another look at my damn ankle.

They think it's still just a sprain even tho it's still swollen...and said if I wanted it x-rayed then I'd have to come back on Wednesday as they have no x-ray facilities at the weekend. Dammit.

Collected some long willow twigs from the tree in the park on the way home and stuck them in the vase with my cherry tree branch...looks like a gargantuan spider in shadow...but I like it nevertheless lol!

Got back from all that at about 10:40, had a coffee, then put the laundry on/started cooking.

Chopped tomatoes, chicken mince, red peppers, onions, mushrooms, basil, worcester sauce and chilli sauce...

...makes yummy spicy bolognese!!! Did the spaghetti in basil and oil too...

Then went to bed at about 1pm thoroughly knackered. Thus I slept this long...and didn't bother going out to Zero's either...

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