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Rats and Religious Experiences in Music (again)!!

Got up today to find, to my chagrin, that over half my big easter egg had 'disappeared' overnight...

I vaguely remembered getting home from work that morning, and my flatmate making up some excuse that a 'rat had come into the living room and nibbled the top'...and I vaguely recall saying that if the rat was hungry he could nibble a bit more...but I was tired and talking nonsense...

Well, it seems that particular 'rat' had got a bit more than hungry; in fact, downright greedy, and scoffed just over HALF of MY egg...

On the way out of the door, on my way to town, I shouted to my flatmate that if he should see the 'rat' he should kill it without mercy... I was a tad grumpy at loss of chocolate...

This, however, was quickly rectified by the morning post (apart from another big phone bill)...

There was, sitting at my door, a package from divine_debris, not only containing the new Divine Comedy album...but lots and lots of mini Hershey chocolates!!! Huzzah!! Chocolate Problem solved!!!

The 'rat' was NOT getting any of those, so I hid them in my bag and went shopping!!

Got back from town later, flatmate went out at 4pm to his father's house for his brother's birthday, and I put the cd on...

Is it nuts of me to listen to one album over and over and over...all evening and all night at work (8hr shift) without tiring of it ever??

I don't think so!!!

Oh, I had such a stupidly, insanely, impossibly wide, happy grin on my face all night!!! The new Divine Comedy album is as good as the old albums of the early 90's: 'Liberation' and 'Promenade' being favourites of mine back then...

...a glorious, triumphant return to the Neil Hannon of old!!

Without trying to turn all 'student muso rag' on you all...this album flows from one magnificent track after another - it is, in a word, breathtaking!!

Neil Hannon's warm (very *squirmy*) tenor voice...grand orchestral strings...mournful reedy tone of the oboe...swooby-marvellous french horn... Such wit in words and music without being irritatingly smartarse or pompous about it!!

It is evocative of glorious old foreign movies, sitting in street cafes in Paris with cigarettes in long holders (Audrey Hepburn: Breakfast at Tiffany's style), imaginary childhood worlds, memories of happy childhood high days and holidays, grand european tours...

It brings feelings of being drunkenly in love for the first time...heart-ripping wine in a park full of birdsong on a summer afternoon...watching raindrops in spring on a window at dusk...

Even Jui-ehh!!, when I forced her to listen to it (she listens to screamy-awful death metal) said it was reminiscent of "walking down country lanes with flowers in the hedges"!!

Have I convinced you of its greatness yet??

I am in love with The Divine Comedy...I am in love with Neil Hannon's voice...I am in love with this album!!

Thankyou so much for sending it to me, divine_debris...the extra tracks you added to the cd are superb too...gotta love that Voltaire track : The Vampire Club!!

Artist: Voltaire
Song: The Vampire Club

Oh, the moon was full
And the color of blood
The night the pirates came
To the Vampire Club
Their leader was tall and snide and slim
He looked like a gay Captain Morgan
Well, he recognized a Vampire
From his school
And he did something that was
Most uncool, he said,
"Hey everybody, see that fool in the cape?"
His name's Bernie Weinstein
And he's in the 8th grade!"

Fangs were flying, capes were torn
Hell hath no fury like a Vampire scorned
The number one rule in this game:
Never call one by his real name
Wigs were pulled, top hats were crushed
By pointy boots in a rush
And Boris at the bar orders a Bud and says,
"It's just another night at the Vampire Club."

Missi lost a fang in the ladies room
And we all laughed and called her 'Snaggletooth!"
And Dee was mad cause he broke his cane
And he flushed his contacts down the drain
There was so much angst after the fight
Vlad and Akasha broke up that night
While some rivet-heads danced in a puddle of goo
That used to be "Father" you-know-who!

Well, its hard to believe but we're still around
And when we hang out it's always upside down
Dressed in black from toe to head singing,
"Bela Lugosi's still undead!"
A gaggle of goths is a peaceful sight
We'd do anything to avoid a fight
But if you really want to see some gore and blood
Wait 'til the Ravers come to the Vampire Club


800+ members on my forum now btw...makes me laugh when I think of those lyrics... I posted them in the Gothic Music section lolol!!

...and, yes, I ate ALL those Hershey's chocolates at work rats in the area whatsoever!!

*grinning happily*

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