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Shopping Shopping Subway Sleep!!

Yesterday was *such* a busy day!!!

I got up at around 1pm and went in town at 2:30...primarily to pay bills; but stupidly forgot the banks were closed. Duh!!

Went in Woolworths and got all the Easter stuff for my family and some purple plastic picnic plates (wonderful alliteration there!)...also a furry cow pencil case, picture frame and 'cow-based' Farside card (which later transpired to be the same one that Simon had bought as well) for Leon's 21st today...

Popped into Tesco's for work lunch things; bought a chargrilled chicken pasta salad...and went to Claire's Accessories to buy a new pair of sunglasses as the bright sunlight was beginning to give me a migraine!!

Met Jui-ehh!! and Matt Black in town, then we went to Subway on the Barbican and ate our tea in the Elizabethan Garden in an old courtyard just behind the shops...then we hauled ourselves over to the Cider Press Centre for a quick beer.

I left them at 5:15, intending to go on straight to work...but saw Nick Brooks in the Art Garden Cafe, so said hello, then, as I was crossing Royal Parade I saw Leon, Shauny and Simon on the other side.

Rang work to tell them I might be half-an-hour late and we went to the Hogshead for a drink...coke this time!! I had to hide my shopping bag from a screaming Leon because his presents were in there...and then Simon dropped me off at work...all four of us yelling loudly from the back of his red Ford Escort convertible with the roof down all the way there hehe...

Work was really boring...wasn't too late, only about 10 typed till 10pm, then I had to cover Duty Obs and tell everyone where to key all night.

This was an organisational nightmare as we had 25 keyers, in random MDECs and I had to keep track of each person individually and tell them which one to go into...

*tearing out hair*

Thankfully, I had my cd player to keep me listened to Nick Cave and random goth compilations...then sang along to Schumann : Leiderkreis - (tenor) with the german words being sung which were printed in the booklet with the cd.

For the last hour, I sat and laughed hysterically at a cd I'd picked up in a charity shop earlier in the day: The Alan Parsons Project : Edgar Allen Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination...

What an abomination!!! Dodgy 'Quoth the Raven' lyrics in a prog rock nightmare... Was almost crying with laughter at that!!!

Finally finished work at 6am this morning...shattered and exhausted, ready for bed. My boss gave me a lift home, and I slept till 2pm today.


Was walking up the hill to get the bus this afternoon, and saw Ruby (Ruby Jive, band vocalist)...she lives round the corner from me and gave me a lift into town.

Once in town, I had my lip stud changed for a lovely shiny silver ring with a ball at the bottom...looks fantastic; though I got lipstick on it whilst putting my makeup on lol, which is why it looks indented; it actually goes over the top of my lip very nicely...

Then went to Sainsburys/Wilkinsons for eggs and supplies, inc. croissants and hot angry buns.

Met Leon, Becky and Dave for a drink at 4pm, and got the bus back at 5...going to get ready to go out again in half an hour or so...meeting up at the Hogshead at 7:30 for Leon's birthday pissup!! Will take his presents with me, I'm sure he'll like them...

Then I expect we'll all end up drunk in Zero's come midnight...partying till 4am!!


(oh, and I'll do all the poem requests by Monday...I like a deadline...I like the feel of it as it rushes past....)

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