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All dressed up with no place to go...

It was a 'dress down' day at work last night...

And, as I dress down for work every night of the year, I always make these my 'dress up' days...

So...I did proper makeup...dotted and arched eyebrows, death curl, purple eyeshadow, white face, metallic dark grey lipstick...and did my hair in bunches, long black dress with purple ribbon criss-cross corset design on the front with frilly flappy long cuffs...pointy boots etc etc etc

Took a few photos...'twas fun!!

Oh, and I just scribbled these out when I got home; in answer to yesterdays challenge, set by myself, that you post your user name and favourite obsession and I write a silly rhyme about it:

For Andrew eldritch00
(who obsesses over pens)

Sometimes when Andrew tried to think
He'd scribe his thoughts in coloured ink.
Inferior pens would make him sick -
Especially the hated Bic -

For Andrew, nothing could be better
Than Parker scrawled upon a letter!


For Ian shardofmany
(who obsesses over chickens and nylon)!!

Ian loved a chicken -
But he thought that it looked ill -
So he dressed it up in Nylon
To beat the winter chill.

Ian's chicken chuckled
As she saw the strings she wore -
Then she went into the oven -
Ian's chicken was no more.

So beware of Ian's Nylon
And think long on such a fate -
It isn't all that funny when
You're dressed upon a plate!


Ok, to bed I go...doing 6pm to 6am shift tommorrow on Bank Holiday Overtime...wheeee!!!

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