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Work was fine until Jui-ehh!! began a discussion about what she wants to do with her life/what I want to do with mine...and have I done everything I wanted to do before thirty...

I became morose and miserable, and bitterly explained (through tears whilst keying) that I'd had to make so many sacrifices over the past 6/7 years that NO of course I haven't...

(hopes/indeed places at university, visitors to the house, friendships, relationships...that kind of thing...)

And the reasons why I have had to make these sacrifices...(being a mother to someone 4 months younger than myself due to his depression/severe OCD, and being stuck in a financial nightmare not of my own doing etc etc etc)

Ho hum.

Unfortunately, I made her feel bad for bringing it up...and I got a hug as she left the building at 3am.

Here's to a better tommorrow...


Oh, and in a happier point in the evening I wrote a birthday poem for Leon...see next post.

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