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Red Star Chronicle : It's growing...but what are we supposed to do about it??

For all interested parties,

The first session/player info has been posted on mortal_immortal...

See here: Sunday: Don't rely on British Rail to 'get you there'...

I'll type up last night's gaming session tommorrow...or as soon as the creative muse *takes* me hehe...


Rummaging and Indulgence...

Went up to my mother's at 5pm yesterday (sunday)...printed up all my poetry to date, then went upstairs to go through a load of boxes. All my junk, from many years...

(Parents are planning on moving house, and want us all to remove our stuff...)

Had a good rummage, threw out a lot of crap, but managed to find:

  • An entire folder of my scripts from 1990 onwards...mostly anti-government/poll tax satire and anarchy, comedic buffoonery and the like!

  • Another folder with the original script, programme and poster from 'Smoke Dreams' (1991)

  • My old poetry anthology: 6 years old to 11 years old. (Juvenilia)

  • The congratulatory letter and written-in-calligraphy copy of a poem I wrote aged 7, which won a competition for the Devon constabulary. (entitled 'Never go with Strangers' lol!)

...and a whole number of other things including art books, favourite rocks and bones, and various experiments with ceramics!!

Got dropped home at 8pm, took the folders with me along with a salmon cottage pie...

...and a large sticky toffee cheesecake, with white chocolate curls and cream on the top.

I've just eaten half of it...

I feel a little sick!!

Time for bed;)

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