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Fantabulous Night despite the driving rain...

Oh what a night!!

I didn't get home till 4:30am this morning...

Went out at 7:45pm with my bass amp and a can of over to hawklord2112's house in the pouring rain; pissing down it was. Nasty.

Everyone arrived by about 8:30pm and we got started where we left off last time...Goodbodies cafe on Mutley Plain, about to take Ben's mortal character, Simon, off somewhere to show him our true selves bwahahaha!! (Lupus, Mage, Vampire, Angel/Demon)...this is theoretical of course, and achieved by talking in a living room, occasional dice rolls and consumption of apple lattice tart/lemon meringue pie with mugs of coffee!!!


I took notes all the way through...we carried on till 11pm...and will type them up in story-form later on today or tommorrow. I have created another lj for this purpose; so hawklord2112, tylorva, mrmorgoth et al...get your asses over to mortal_immortal (thinking of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's story here) and add 'him' back!!

I'm going to put just our write-ups in it. Do comment/make notes as replies...

I'll let you know when last night's session is done;)

tylorva and mrmorgoth dropped me in town at elevenish after stopping to collect their pizza, and I went on my merry way to Zero's.

Fiver to get in...OUCH!!! But once inside, I met up with all my buddies...Shauny, Ian, Leon (pissed on Bolly with another two bottles at home) et al... Twinkle had a black 'Pulp Fiction' type wig on... I berated him/her for being goth lol!!

Danced to the usual cheesy stuff... Grease medleys, that 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack song, Diana Ross, Whitney, Britney, Madonna (how could I resist 'Like a Prayer' even whilst seated lol)...oh EVERYTHING!!! Leon, Shauny and I arsing around on the dancefloor/perv-dancing and acting out lyrics like drunken idiots hehe...

Went downstairs at 1am for the judging of this regions entries for Mr Gay UK. There were 12 competitors...none of which were really worth voting I voted for number 7; a 21 year old lad called Tim, who I at least thought was winning material, rather than the rest of them. Cute and tanned (with nice pants), rather than pasty and Janner-faced. This is Plymouth after all...

But FAR too young for me...

(He'll be on the winners pages in the next few days, alienfox!!)

This was all over (bar the shouting) by 2am, and we danced the rest of the night away until about 3, when I went to sit in the cloakroom with some friends and do crosswords until 4am when the club closed. Was talking with the security guys and found out that there were 400 people in the wonder everywhere was SO packed!!! Never seen the place so busy...

Shauny and I went wandering at 4. Gave up waiting for Ian, and went looking for food. Found none, and ended up getting a taxi at about 4:20... I got in at half-past and found that the sandwich I had left for later had been half consumed by someone else. Drunkenly grumbled at that...had half a pizza instead and went to bed by 5am.

Only just up now (3pm)...going to scrub off last night's makeup and going to my parents at 5pm or thereabouts...

Might meet Shauny for coffee in Cafe Rouge tommorrow before work.

Hooble Toodle Doo!!

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