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Vampires and Gay Men...perfect combination...

(Yes, that's my new hole...just a long stud for now, nice shiny silver ring in about 10 days though!)

Work was boring as hell...sat in the office and stared at screens...lots of blue lines (immediate queues), lots of red lines (queues we timed out on...didn't type in time) one point, the mail volume rose to 600,000k queued.

Didn't get time to read a book...was doing stats every fifteen minutes, answering the phone etc etc...did, however, get time to go through my old diary and transfer all the birthdays/special events to my new one.

Exciting, huh? They called for overtime until 10am but there was no way in hell I wanted to stick around, besides, I have a cool weekend to look forward to...

Got to be up early to collect my film from the chemists...I took some photos on it of my friend Ralph's rockabilly band during one of their gigs...and there's a couple of my 'cello...

Later in the evening I will be transporting myself across Plymouth with a bass amp to play World of Darkness over at hawklord2112's house with Morpheus, tylorva and a couple of others...

I play an eccentric actress (Malkavian) called 'Aphrodisia Vipera'; she's been my char for years and years (since 1992ish I believe) and is rather cool...she had a rock band, and owns a theatre in Chicago under which she lives in a dark basement flat...

This will be followed by going out to Zero's probably...

Zero's is my local gay club...and it's been a while since I last paid a visit. I bet Twinkle will be playing all the old list anyway; which includes DoA : You Spin Me...always a winner!!

I've heard on the grapevine that Saturday night is judging night for this region's entry for Mr Gay UK so I must text round my friends and see if they're going to oggle at the spectacle...perhaps one of them will be entering again?!!

No plans yet for Sunday. Probably recovery/housework. Perhaps listen to music and roll a Jazz Cigarette hehe...though I might pay the parents a visit; I'm in need of their printer!!


Located via pistorius:

Which Decadent Writer Are You? by windesbraut
User Name
Favorite Color
Favorite Novel
You areErnest Dowson
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Who he?

Read, Learn and Inwardly Digest!!


Jolly meme pilfered from entwined_in_ivy:

Which Oscar Wilde quote are you? by avana4
favorite color
quoteWe are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

That's about right...often to be spotted in the gutter with an empty bottle of red wine and drunkenly waving at random constellations/talking to the moon lol!!

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