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VampGirl's Big Day Out (still have to go to work...)

Got up at 11am...

Took my film to the chemists to be processed, then got the bus into town.

Once there, went on a bit of a shopping spree...wandered into Waterstones and bought Emile Zola : Germinal, Oscar Wilde : Complete Short Stories and Sylvia Plath : Collected Works.

Took myself off to The Gorge for a 'last supper' before I went to make a hole in my face...had a pasty and salad (knife and fork, how civilised) and a mug of sugary tea...then went to meet Jui-ehh!! at the Sundial.

They have cut down all the trees between the silver phallic monstrosity landmark and Royal Parade...looks stark and awful:((

Once Jui-ehh!! arrived (still drunk from having been out the night before) we took a trip to The Works where I succumbed to more shoppage bargains... A large toolbox thing with acrylic paints, mini-canvas pad, brushes etc etc inside it, and a box of 14 a diary!! A little book one, reduced because I've already missed 3 months of use...but well needed.

Then we went to Tribal Voice. And I now have a labret piercing in the centre - below my bottom lip. Looks damned cool!!! Stung a little, and I think I swallowed some of the tongue was SO numb and I dribbled loads onto tissue...

After the main event we wandered up through town via Boots...cotton buds and black nail varnish, to Whittards for purchase of vanilla flavoured coffee, to Macdonalds to buy a mini-carebear...

Then finally up to the Art Gallery and Museum to take a look at an exhibition up there; paintings by Nahem Shoa (dedicated to Robert Lankybitch/Lenkiewicz)...nicely done...but some of the hands on his paintings struck me as over-large... Lankybitch was such a Rembrandt copyist and I don't hold too high an opinion of him, but still, it was interesting.

In the comments book I drew round my own hand and wrote in the middle..."Some of these are peculiarly proportioned" hehe...took up the entire page after lots of positive comments lol!!

After such diversion, Jui-ehh!! and I went in the childrens room to play with the feely-boxes and stroke stuffed dead foxes and badgers, and a very worn looking hedgehog. Nice!

Wandered back to town via Sainsburys and then got a taxi home...

I'm off to work in a minute, hopefully I'll get out at midnight so I can come home and play with my new haul of retail therapy!


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