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Come Over and meet my Monster...

Jui-ehh!! and I got into trouble at work again tonight...

We were protesting about the lighting above where we key...the team in front of us had turned their lights off, and so ours was too bright as the system attempted to compensate for their dark patch...


We wore folded newspapers on our heads (think 'Rocky Horror-Style') in protest...the idea was that the front of the newspaper blocked the glare from the light above us.

Obviously, our boss came over and made us remove them...we were laughing too loudly at how stupid we looked...but we got the lights altered to our tastes anyway;)

Later on, Jui-ehh!!! made me listen to Slayer for half-an-hour... I was in a jovial piss-take mood, and was reacting a la my father...who is a bit of a music teacher twit...

"I say, these young chaps are rather angry aren't they!"

"Woo, heavy rawk geeetarr solo..." (pump fist in air accordingly)

"Somewhat preoccupied with blood and death, what?"

etc etc etc...

I might arrange for her to meet his 'monster' sometime...she wants to have a go at playing a church organ...

(He loves an opportunity to show off, and once referred to the thing as 'his monster'...I've never let it lie since)

He's a church organist as well as teaching music...and always enjoys an excuse to 'wig out' on the Vidor Toccata and other such loud, widdly diddly pieces lol!!!

Proper closet Phibes, he is;)

Ok, off to bed in a minute, going in town later on today...


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