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Tetris, Terry Bosch and an over-hugged Snoopy...

I am such a sucker for Tetris on all platforms and in every format known to man...I've been a naughty girl and bought it for my phone!!

Obviously, I couldn't sleep this morning, and ended up playing it for nearly an hour whilst lying in bed...

Slept fitfully, was woken at 12 and had to go to the shop for supplies...went back to bed after a few phone calls at about 1pm. I don't think I'll be able to move into Spikey's house at this rate...not unless my current situation changes drastically and I am able to move in early May...I think that will be too late.

Will have to think about getting a lodger myself if things have changed by then...

I'm getting the feeling of turnaround today...due to phone calls and stuff. Not necessarily quick progress, but there's more a sense of things getting done.

Perhaps its just bright and sunny, windy spring in the air...

Slept again until 4pm, swamped under by seriously scary nightmares...ghostly voices in radios...arguments with parents making me move out...packing cloaks, snoopy things...setting me up as insane, then a journey into a hell based on Hieronymous Bosch's triptych, but the female tourguide got all the information wrong and said it was 'Terry Bosch'; I had to correct her...

I was probably trapped under the duvet, not breathing properly due to the cold I currently have...and thus awoke hugging my Snoopy he's sat in the living room chair behind me and my hair is all over the place...fuzzy and crumpled, slightly unsettled.

Drinking coffee and going to work in an hour... Tommorrow is pay day, so I will calculate necessary bills, fob off my mother with some of the rent and attempt to budget for the rest of the month:/

Oh, and I might just take a stroll into town to get my labret done.

Feel like making a hole in something; may as well be my lower lip lolol!!


Random Surrealist Comedy Moment:

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:vampgirl
Your haiku:got a large armchair
from the cupboard but it's more
like a suspension
Created by Grahame

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