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Lone Bird

The cuckoo flaps and harries.
Loudly demanding --
Crying for attention --
Like a drowning man
Threatening to drag me under.

I am not his mother.
I have nothing left to give him.
No strength --
No energy --
Bled dry of sympathy.

Yet he will not fly this nest --
Afraid of what lies beyond this fragile security.


My long-term severely depressive ex-bf is still living with me rent-free in the spare room, even though I can't afford it... The doctor/NHS system is failing to get anything done atm, so he has nowhere else to go:/

I split up with him in Nov 2002, and he lived with me (in the spare bedroom) without paying anything toward bills, food or rent until Dec 2003, when I couldn't afford it any longer and sent him to his fathers...which is why I'm dragged under with horrendous debt:/

He came back in February...was supposed to be packing to move away, but got stuck as he broke up with his girlfriend. Now he's having drug treatment, and the psychologist/council is supposed to be getting him somewhere to live...but they are taking forever, and I'm running out of energy.

Having been his carer pretty much for the last 6 years (we were together as a couple for almost 10 years) I am all he has left, and it falls on me to look after him with this illness...

I think the above says it all.

For as much as it's rotten for me right now with not coping too's a hundred times worse for him being ill in this situation:((

Keep it to yourselves, ok?

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