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Still Blasted at Black Catz on a Budget!!


The clocks have changed, I've overslept...CONFUSION!!!

Last night was a blast!! Started getting ready at about, corsetry, fishnet etc etc... Got a taxi over to the Nowhere Inn at 9pm.

Once in da pub, met up with Lah and Emma, spiralweaver, missbumpkin and strangepixel, who very kindly bought us all a beer. Cheers Matt!!

*raises glass*

"Death to our Enemies!"

Nicky gave me a present from her trip to Prague... Two cast iron black roses...absolutely beautiful!!! WOW!! And she also brought me the photos of what I wore to the last fetish party...not bad lol, but her photos looked better: she looked fantastic in that red and black pvc catsuit!!

We left when the pub was kicking out round 11pm, and wandered on down to Black Catz.
Saw a whole load more people in there...alienfox looking tall and in a silver pvc catsuit thing, with a red band of makeup across his eyes (like how I used to do as american indian warpaint when I was 15 lol) and a matching fan...also matthewnorth and co., Dan, Sarah, Nik, Izzy, Chris, Tiff, Jui-ehh!!!...tons of people (plenty who I say hello to but don't know their names too lol)... My canadian theatre friend Barbara came down to see me, but had to leave by 1am.

In fact, I have never seen the place so packed... It seems we've recruited all the teenagers ('goth' death metallers and schtuf) as the local rock club has closed on a Saturday night...well over a hundred people in there!

'Twas a fab and fun-filled night...Emma and I seemed stuck on the dancefloor for ages...she was suspicious that Lawrence was drinking her beer and playing all the old goff 80s favourites to keep her there... Danced to loads and loads...usual goff staples... Bauhaus, Sisters, Alien Sex Fiend, NIN, The Damned, Numan, Soft Cell, Killing Joke... Simon played the more heavy/industrial stuff: Rammstein, Creaming Jesus etc etc...

At one point Dan commented on the irony of playing Type O Negative's 'Black No.1' (Little Miss Scare-All) and seeing all the little baby-goths (15-18 yr olds) dancing to it hehe... He also apologised profusely for having thrown up last time I was round at his and Deb's house...the vodka trick after too much fancy cheese!!

Got a little squiffy...and at the end of the night, still had 6 quid in my wallet...wheee!!! matthewnorth very kindly gave me a lift home as well, so I didn't have to fork out for a taxi either... This means I can eat at work tommorrow night, rather than starve till Wednesday;) Cheers!!

Went to bed at about 3am, after taking a couple of ibuprofen for a stuffy headache... Took a mug of Horlicks and a book with me... I must be getting old lol!!

Stayed awake reading till 5am and have now finished Joseph Conrad's 'The Secret Agent'...enjoyable enough, but I much preferred 'Heart Of Darkness'...


Ho hum. Awake now, I have to run round the house and change all the clocks:/

After I've watched the Oxford v Cambridge boat race.

I watch it every year...they look to me like giant pond-skaters going down the river...

(I'll be cheering for Cambridge, hope no-one sinks!!)

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