The art of Pacing...

I played itchy (the tiny cello) for 45 mins on Friday just mucking about and having fun with a new found tune and a new baroque bow and OMG the pain in my neck these last two days... I am going to have to work out how to pace myself to manage the pain properly. Clearly less is more so maybe 10 to 15 mins a day instead of 45 mins or so inna big hit. Silly me :(

Either way I know I definitely cannot do a long set if I try performing again. Maybe pop up for one song here and there? I live in hope xxx


Hello. For those of you who may be wondering where I've been... or not...

My wonderful chronic illness finally caught up with me sometime around 2018 and I completely stopped performing live. Miss Von Trapp went back in her coffin and i've mostly been focussing on managing ill health and then... just when I was ready to be going out of the haus and all... Covid struck.

I had already been hausbound since May 2019 and given up real work at the end of the year... and I was just getting used to the idea of going out when we went into lockdown.

Couldn't have timed it better. At least I was already a pro at notgoingout...

So I've mostly been making stupid videos to entertain myself and anyone else who happened to be around online and doing up a dollshouse and attending a virtual zoom pain management course and finding other things to do to increase my happy.

One of things that has increased my happy is coming to terms with the fact that I've not been able to perform or do anything much for the last nearly 4 years and that I can do other things that give me amusement. So I've been playing around with new personas...

Those who know me since this journal started in 2003 (wow!} will remember when it was VampGirl 1994 to 2004, well, Miss Von Trapp has had her time now 2006 to 2017/8 and now it's time to move on.

Like a regeneration... How many Doctors have we had in that time?

So, as caterpillar is to pupae is to MOTH.

I am now identifying as Lizzi Von DooLittle. Basically the non-binary matriarch of VG, MVT, Lucinda Seams, Nanny McNeedAPee, Mrs Hair (with Berk), The Childcatcher, Missy, Mrs Lovett, Little Red, Katie Boosh, Tena Penny and any other new identities I feel like dressing up as for my own entertainment.

As you were...

And if I do eventually see you around... Wouldn't it be lahvly!!
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My Resistance is Low...

Don't touch my fingertips, they just might be unclean
Don't bend to kiss my lips with your Covid 19
They say I should stay indoors, I'm at risk I know
Because at a time like this, my resistance is low

I don't want your virus, whatever you say
"Come closer, come closer, I've got handwash, come closer"
No! Stay flipping TWO METRES AWAY!

(Can't you see that) I wanna stay alive
More than you'll ever know
And I'm gonna isolate in my bedroom alone

So don't be so persistent
Please keep your distance
You know my resistance is low.

(C) missvontrapp 2020

Bloggity blog blog 2020

I have ordered a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet and am not afraid to use it.  Just so you know. I'm going to post more maybe while we are all social distancing.  To be fair I've become expert at isolation after last years fibro flare.

In other news, my daughter made me lovely paintings for Mothers Day.

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Wave Hello to 2018!! Pleased to meet you!!

As we say goodbye to 2017 and wave hello to 2018 there is something I'd like to share...

All my life I have burnt the candle at both ends. It has been bright and spectacular but since it met in the middle a couple of years or so ago with fibromyalgia and CFS I have been learning to pace myself and burn incrementally less often in order to keep the bright light going.

So far it's working. So although I have been picky and choosy about where and when I have performed in 2017 so I've had less gigs, the time I have spent doing all of them has been quality and utterly fantastic and I've ended the year with a MAHOOSIVE wonderful time hosting the entire Exeter Steampunk Yule Ball and having over EIGHT THOUSAND VIEWS on an hour long FACEBOOK LIVE Halloween special - which is now on YouTube.

Clicky clicky!! https://youtu.be/MCWvOTnCXdY

Advice to the many performers out there who battle chronic pain and fatigue... it's not how much you do. It's what you do that counts. Don't break yourselves!!

Thankyou to everyone who has booked me and supported me and been there all year.

Next year is a year of focussing on recording and making new music releases... I won't be a complete hermit and I'll still be taking some bookings... I'm aiming for just as productive as 2017 but also more creative retreat.

Watch this space!!

Or my YouTube with highlights from the Yule Ball and a crazy new action song from Phoenix Alternative Festival back in August;)

Happy New Year!! Xxx

Do Your Gears Hang Low? https://youtu.be/pKsE2akBquY

Some Pictorial Highlights of 2017:

Shhh Burlesque at The Brewhouse Theatre, Bridgwater.

Frome Steampunk Extravaganza.

An hour in Ilfracombe at the Victorian Steampunk Weekend.

Phil Fest at The Nowhere.

Exeter Cavern taken on black and white film with The Wattingers.

Late Friday Night Cabaret with Jezebel Steele, hosting the Saturday Steam Train ride with my ukulele and the GASP Radio stage on Sunday afternoon.

Scaredy Acts at Annabels.

An hour long Halloween Dead in Session live special.

Performing and compering the Exeter Steampunk Yule Ball.

That moment onstage with The Gaslight Troubadours during which I gave birth to the severed head of Donald Trump...



Future Songs

You may have noticed MVT gigging less this year. This is pretty much due to the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue (M.E) and it seems even once a month means I don't have any reserves left to actually record more schtufs either.

I would like to be recording more schtufs for your aural assault as i have at least two albums in my head to do already so may drop from monthly giggage to quarterly next year, like the gas bill. Or even take a year out so that I can focus on recording them. See how it goes.

I'm not dropping MVT totally after Christmas but I need to pace myself more and do new things.

What say you?


Bother. It's already February. Apologies for the hiatus.

I haven't posted since August last year. I have missed the traditional end of year summary on account of being ill for 3 weeks with the Queen's Cough and I have been generally rubbish at the Blogosphere.

Sorry. There has been a lack of communication for several reasons. One of them being I have mostly been rubbish with online schtuf. 2016 wasnt the best year for many people and it kindof hit me too. It wasn't the worst year though and I kept up with Facebook but not with blogging.

Additionally I was busy with gigs and werk and parenting plus learning how to manage chronic pain and fatigue...

SO I've reduced the amount I am gigging to once a month and only more if I can manage it.

This doesn't mean Miss Von Trapp is in decline, although I have turned 42 so clearly the end is nigh and I haven't yet discovered the meaning of life either...

...but it means that I am becoming LIMITED EDITION.

When you do see me I will be more firecracker and less frazzled hausfrau. More of a personality figure for hosting and stuff as well as the musical dark comedy. That's the plan.

My candle burns at both ends and all that. You know the Millay quote and, if not, Google it.

Either way, expect to see me busy in 2017... but pacing myself!! Beginning on the 18th February at The Brewhouse in Taunton which I'm very much looking forward to.

Please check http://www.missvontrapp.com for gig dates.

Happy New Year!!

Btw, my favourite pictures from last year are below playing as The Wattinger Trapp. An awesome collaboration for Yule and I got my bass guitar out too!!


Year so far and what's to come...

25th February 2016: Black Books: The Word, The China House, Plymouth. Pioneering poetry and new songs... with no clown paint!!

19th March  2016: Musical Madam's Mixtape, International Women's Day, Exeter Phoenix. Snow White post wedding vents her marriage and parenting angst. With a new ukulele song "Love I'll tear you Apart".

24th - 26th June 2016: Airship Northstar, Ford and Etal Estate, Northumberland. 10 miles from Scotland marring a beautiful location with a gruesome music hall singalong.

9th July 2016: Tavistock Edge Fringe Festival, Tavistock, Devon.
Singing in the rain!

12th - 14th August  2016: Phoenix Alternative Festival, Llanfyllin Workhouse, Powys, Mid Wales. Half an hour with Have a Pie and more on the Friday night then a Singalong Steam Train VIP Trip Saturday morning plus singing with the Dark Design in the evening and a slot in the late night cabaret.

Still to come:
3rd September 2016: Steaminster, Warminster Athanaeum, Wiltshire, with The Wattingers and The Filthy Spectacula.

9th September 2016: Madame Fandango's Vertigo Vaudeville, Sound Nightclub, Penzance, Cornwall.

25th September 2016: Black Books, Union Street Party, Plymouth Art Weekender.

28th October 2016: Frome Frightfest, Silk Mill, Frome, Somerset.

5th November 2016: Reserved, TBA

3rd December 2016: Private Party

10th December 2016: Steampunk Pirate Yule Ball, Exeter Phoenix

18th February TBA... watch this space!

For more photographic evidence and informations check http://www.facebook.com/missvontrapp